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Achieving Greatness

Feb 21

The Baltimore Ravens, Super Bowl Champions, achieved football greatness earlier this month. Roger Federer, often referred to as the GOAT of the tennis world – Greatest of All Time. And in a couple of weeks, Hollywood will spend an evening telling us who has achieved greatness on the big screen. Greatness, a noun.  But, what […]

Cupid’s Arrow

Feb 14

Social marketers are quite familiar with social norms. Many of our hard-fought efforts focus on bringing awareness to positive social norms—think seat belt-use, discouraging dangerous social norms—think underage-drinking, or creating new social norms—think the Truth campaign. But there are some social norms that are so ingrained in our society that we don’t even realize we’re […]

Understanding the Role Emotion Plays In Social Marketing

Feb 07

As a new mother, I have a million new things to worry about. Is my baby healthy? Is she sleeping and eating enough? Is she meeting all of her milestones? In addition to all of the recommendations I get from her doctor about what she should be doing and when, I also have to wade […]

What Social Marketers Make

Feb 05

Two of my college roommates were education majors. I vividly remember their student teaching days when after a tough day at school, they needed extra inspiration. Our entire apartment quickly became familiar with Taylor Mali’s “What Teachers Make.” If you don’t have time to watch the full video below (and I highly recommend you find […]

Writing a memorable social media post: finding your inner cave(wo)man

Jan 22

If you’ve written posts for client’s social media profile, chances are you’ve seen those posts go through several rounds of review until they are polished to a squeaky-clean, error-free shine. But recent research suggests that this extensive editing might not be the best way to go about drafting social media posts—at least if you want […]

The Ripple Effect of Game Changing News

Jan 14

As public health professionals we often take a page out of noted anthropologist Margaret Mead’s playbook and “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Our aim is to create awareness and promote behavior change around society’s most pressing issues. We […]

Is 2013 the Year of Digital Health?

Jan 10

Is 2013 the year of digital health? John Nosta of Ogilvy CommonHealth thinks so. In a piece on earlier this month, he argues that 2013 will be turning point for using digital technologies to manage diseases and wellness. Resulting from a convergence of diverse factors—including new technologies being applied health (e.g., gaming), the rise […]

A New Year’s Resolution for Social Marketing

Jan 09

It’s the time of year to reflect on the year behind us and make resolutions for the year that lies ahead. This practice is believed to have started with the ancient Babylonians whose resolutions of paying off debts and returning borrowed farm equipment seem very distant from the annual eat well, quit [insert bad habit], and […]

Make Mobile Technologies for Behavior Change a Priority in 2013

Jan 03

Many people are kicking off the new year with resolutions to improve their health by adopting new behaviors. While the desire to change one’s behavior may be strong at the beginning of the year, it often wanes as time goes by. This drop-off is common in the behavior change cycle, creating a challenge for social […]

Lessons for Digital Engagement I Learned from Saks Fifth Avenue

Dec 18

Not too long ago, I stopped in New York City to take in some of the holiday tourist attractions, including the window displays of major department stores. Although I saw several, the one that really stuck out to me was the Saks Fifth Avenue display because of its clever—and unexpected (at least for me)—integration of […]